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We pride ourselves on having compiled a strong record of achievement no matter how challenging a Web application's specifications may be. As a result, we feel we are making a positive contribution to the improvement of site stability and reliability.

In addition to the menu items introduced here, we respond to a wide variety of Web applications needs.

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • UNIX
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firef ox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • lris Browser
  • Net Front Browser
  • Myriad Browser
  • Picsel Browser
  • docomo
  • au
  • softbank
  • iPhone
  • Android・・・

Service Flow

Let us handle your software testing projects from planning to execution.

Software Test Planning

We conduct detailed planning for an entire test project process to compass the type of testing needed, the range of testing and functionality, along with scheduling and man-hour determination.

Software Test Design

Using test target specification documents and various manuals, we are capable of clarifying the proper “functions” and “perspective” from which we compile a testing regimen sheet aimed to prevent any omissions or leakages.

Software Test Execution

We conduct tests based on test cases, compiling incident reports for any flaws or bugs found and reporting them to developers.

Summary Provision

We analyze all test results and any flaws or bugs that have been discovered and compile them in a report that can be useful for future projects. Moreover, with each project or manufactured product, we provide reports that include recommended items from third-party perspectives.

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Test Targets

Introducing a portion of our Web application targets.

Shopping Sites (EC) applications

We conduct testing of shopping sites and all electronic cash settlement functions. (Product lists, product searches, banner advertisements, user registration, mail magazine distribution, automated mail function, etc.).
Moreover, from our achievements and know-how as a software testing specialist, we are able to provide customers with optimized and balanced testing regimens in accordance with degree of functional importance.
Shopping Sites (EC) System

Member Registration applications

From member registration screens to customer databases, we can test integrated Web applications. Not only do we test properly running applications, but we can test exclusive controls for abnormal data for high applications stability and reliability.

Web Survey applications

We conduct tests for various survey applications functions such as survey form creation, data collection and tabulation of results. We offer a rich variety of abnormal type testing to ensure a stable running applications.

Web Advertising applications

We conduct testing of Web advertising functions including recognition functions, menus, advertisement group configurations, reporting and administrative configurations. Our tests ensure that regardless of the browser or OS you use, management and operation of your web advertising applications can run normally.

Price Comparison applications

We conduct testing of price comparison sites with their rich suite of functions including menus, rankings, word-of-mouth endorsements, data management and graph functions. We help you improve applications reliability from a variety of perspectives such as display testing, functional operation testing and stress-testing.

Auction applications

We conduct testing for all auction site functions such as product registration, winning bids, time limit management and accounts settlement management through various types of testing including verification and timing testing.
Auction Systems

Job Search Site applications

We also offer a wide range of functional tests for jobseekers, such as resume registration, response management and mail and tests for job posting companies including job postings, and job posting and response management. Moreover, we test on various devices in addition to PCs, such as mobile phones and smartphones.

Browser Toolbars

We conduct testing of search functions, point award and display functions and message displays.

Lodging Reservation applications

We conduit testing of lodging and hotel reservation site functions including facility detail page displays, changes to set lodging plans, inventory management, room reservations, cancelations and account settlement.

Mail Magazine applications

We conduct all manners of testing for mail magazine applications functions such as mass mailing, timed mailing, mail member registration and management and address mass registration.
Mail Magazine Systems

Dating (Marriage Partner Search) Site applications

We conduct testing of dating or marriage partner search site functions such as profile postings, information management, member registration and searches.

Golf Reservation applications

We conduct tests for the diverse search functions needed by golf reservation applications including play dates, area, golf course and tee times.

Point Management applications

We conduct testing of point management applications functions to include a wide range of point award conferring settings such as those awarded for purchase amounts, limited product offers and member birthdays.

Recipe Site applications

We conduct testing for recipe site functionality such as recipe postings, information management, member registration, searches and comment postings.
Recipe Site Systems

Complex applications Response

We are capable of testing complex applications such as that built to serve as a local economy revitalization model by the tourism industry. This application provides smartphone GPS functionality and use of AR to view store information and track one's daily travels over SNS.

Security Testing

We conduct vulnerability diagnostics to check if important and necessary private information including member information and compiled customer information is being properly safeguarded in a problem-free fashion.

Stress Testing (Load Testing)

Through load runner type tools to test whether or not a web application can handle actual web-based traffic and commerce, we generate simulated access tests, along with placing a variety of other stresses on the application such as squeezing server memory or adding network noise; all with the aim of improving application integrity and reliability.

Test Automation

We conduct ongoing research and development in functions unique to smartphones (such as touch panel operation / flick functionality), maximizing our accumulated test automation know-how such as testing Windows applications via automation tools (ie. “Selenium”) and testing mobile phone functionality via the automated key entry applications, “Woodpecker.”
Test Automation“Woodpecker”Automated key entry system

Off-site Testing

At VALTES, we offer to take testing back to our proprietary test centers (Tokyo & Osaka) to be conducted by a specialized and dedicated staff to help reduce your idle man-hours during off-season production or overtime man-hours during times of peak production, and therefore reduce costs.

Off-site Testing
Even with offsite testing operations, our test engineers create test documents (ie. testing plans, test design specifications, test cases) within our VALTES facilities, conduct testing and report on flaws and bugs. Customers from their facilities take part in constant and intimate communications with our staff through hearings, reviews, quality status reports to ensure execution of a complete quality control system.

Localized Testing

With regard to software with multilingual compatibility, it would be inefficient to repeatedly conduct the same tests in every available language. At VALTES, we conduct deep testing of the main language, and weed out other languages for the most efficient software testing.

Test Environment

Multiple Device Testing (Carrier Compatible)

With the rise in combinations of online environments including the PC (OS, browsers), mobile telephony (carriers, devices), VALTES specializes in elucidating the required environments, assigning priorities and conducting the most efficient testing possible.
Multiple Device Testing

Contact us for testing consultations and quotations.
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Osaka Headquarters 81-6-6267-6500 / Tokyo Main Office 81-3-5460-9630

Shopping applications (EC)/ Member registration applications / WEB survey applications / WEB advertising applications / Price comparison applications / Auction applications / Job seeking site applications / SNS applications, etc.

At VALTES, we conduct tests in a wide range of fields as a software testing specialist

Software Testing Solutions

Optimized Testing to Comply with Degree of Functional Importance

We seek to optimize our rich experience and know-how to provide customers with balanced testing in accordance with degree of functional importance, selecting from an enormous volume of normal and abnormal test items. From test planning to execution and summary, we can provide the most rational test regimen and efficiency to your testing needs as a software test specialist.