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We optimize application testing for smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc.), providing efficient testing to meet a variety of needs such as requisite testing of applications for first-time developers of smartphone apps and those migrating their Web and mobile services to applications. Make use of our expertise and experience in over 250 varieties of testing.

Testing uniquely suited to smartphone functionality is required. And we select the most suitable devices and OSs to plan and carry out efficient testing.
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Efficient testing with just 3 tests!

We provide highly-efficient testing based on years of test performance and know-how! We achieve quality smartphone app testing with just 3 tests.

Standard Testing
At VALTES, we standardize testing to serve as the foundation for GUI and smartphone applications, and therefore dramatically compress man-hours in creating test cases for sustaining stable testing operations.
Distinct Testing
We test functions that are distinct to applications. By segregating them from standard testing, we are able to narrow testing choices and clarify the most suitable testing needed.
Scenario Testing
We also test functions that are distinct or proprietary to your applications by segregating from standardized tests the kinds of specific testing you need, as well as confirming the sequences of operations required for scenario testing usability. Executing mainly this test regimen enables expedient determinations of compatibility when adding new devices.
Test Flow
Test preparation(clarification of test range, standard test case selection, distinct test case creation, scenario case creation),Test execution(basic operational checks:standard test execution,distinct test execution,compound operation checks:scenario test execution), Results reporting(test results summary & analysis,summarization & reporting)
Case1:New Development
We conduct efficient testing of newly developed smartphone applications via 3 main tests.
After checking basic functionality following standard testing and distinct testing, we check user operability through scenario testing to confirm the existence or non-existence of flaws or bugs in cross-functional integration.
Case2:Application Upgrades
Here we focus on checking changes or additions made to applications first by confirming basic operations followed by scenario testing to confirm the existence or non-existence of problems generated by the version upgrade.
Case3:New Device Compatibility Confirmation
Here we check compatibility of applications with new smartphone devices launched by the various carriers. We focus on scenario testing enabling not only exhaustive checks but also expected reductions in man-hours.

Other Test Options

Here let us introduce some of the benefits of smartphone application testing.

We provide optimized devices/OS such as Android & iPhone

Testing all smartphone devices sold on the market would amount to enormous expenditures of time and cost for great losses in efficiency. Therefore, at VALTES, we are able to advise customers on the optimal devices and OSs on which to conduct their testing in accordance with their needs from among the leading devices on the market. Moreover, we ensure that customers achieve high test efficiency through priority assessment. (ie. iPhone/iPad/Android mobile phones/ Android tablets)

Click here to see the devices (and OS versions) we have for testing

Automated Touch Panel Operation (ie. Flick function)

We conduct ongoing research and development in functions unique to smartphones (such as touch panel operation / flick functionality), maximizing our accumulated test automation know-how such as testing Windows applications via automation tools (ie. "Selenium") and testing mobile phone functionality via the automated key entry systems, “Woodpecker.”
Automated key entry system Woodpecker
Automated key entry system “Woodpecker”

Smartphone App x Web Site Testing (Multi-platform verification)

We conduct testing of integration between smartphone apps and Web sites.
Bugs and flaws are commonly detected in the interoperability between heavily used systems such as groupware, SNS (social networking services), smartphones and PC (browsers). We create test specification documents from which we are able to clarify target ranges, conceive of test plans and methodologies to achieve seamless testing devoid of omissions and leakages.

Usability Testing (Usability Verification)

We also conduct testing from the standpoint of user-friendly, easy-to-understand usability.
Unlike PCs and conventional mobile devices, smartphones rely heavily on touch panel operation and this places a heavy premium on operability. At VALTES, our experience with over 250 types of tests enables us to elucidate and maintain usability-centric test items and viewpoints with regard to such important aspects as response time, operational ease and layout.

Security Testing (Vulnerability Diagnostics)

We are able to conduct diagnostics of vulnerabilities in both applications and servers to check if sensitive information from Android and iPhone applications such as private and customer information and important data that could be leaked or altered are being properly protected.

Localized Testing (Multilingual Response Testing)

With regard to software with multilingual compatibility, it would be inefficient to repeatedly conduct the same tests in every available language. At VALTES, we prioritize languages for each test function, analyze dispersion and configure accordingly to maximize the verification efficiencies of Android applications.

Connectivity Testing

We carry out connectivity testing of downloading and uploading for various connectivity formats such as 3G and Wi-Fi. Taking into consideration the particular Android OS version, application, function and external connectivity site conditions, we are able to elucidate the necessary test patterns and conduct verification.

Test Matrix (Functional Perspective at a Glance)

A test matrix refers to an expression of “function” and “test perspective” as a matrix. By creating a test matrix, we are able to ensure elucidation of test patterns without omissions or leakages. This also promotes sharing of awareness among the various stakeholders. In addition, this information can be utilized for future testing and serves as a vital asset in test standardization projects.
Test Matrix

Off-site Testing

At VALTES, we offer to take testing back to our proprietary test centers (Tokyo & Osaka) to be conducted by a specialized and dedicated staff to help reduce your idle man-hours during off-season production or overtime man-hours during times of peak production, and therefore reduce costs.

 Off-site Testing flow
Even with offsite testing operations, our test engineers create test documents (ie. testing plans, test design specifications, test cases) within our VALTES facilities, conduct testing and report on flaws and bugs. Customers from their facilities take part in constant and intimate communications with our staff through hearings, reviews, quality status reports to ensure execution of a complete quality control system.

Smartphone Testing Environment

We keep on hand for testing a wide range of smartphone devices such as Android & iPhone

We retain smartphone devices of each carrier and manufacturer, and conduct tests on normal operation and display functionality. (iPhone/iPad/Android phones/Android tablets)

Click here to see the devices (and OS versions) we have for testing

Test Centers

Our test centers in Tokyo and Osaka offer security, use of various devices and machinery and a replete infrastructure for testing. (Inventory example: 253 PCs, 140 cell phone varieties, 50 smartphone varieties, etc.)

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Osaka Headquarters 81-6-6267-6500 / Tokyo Main Office 81-3-5460-9630

Survey apps / AR apps / Game apps / Music apps / Business apps / Transportation apps/ Weather apps, etc.

Valtes is a software testing specialist providing testing services for a wide variety of fields.

Software Testing Solutions

As a software testing specialist, VALTES provides and carriers out optimized test plans.

VALTES since its inception has built up a long record of achievement and know-how in the area of multifaceted testing dedicated to offering customers the most optimized and balanced testing solutions.
We offer a great variety of test types, multi-functional testing, combination testing, abnormality and stress testing. We clarify the most important test objectives to conform to your product strengths, using optimally minimized resources to their maximum effect in order to carry out the most efficient and balanced testing.
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Osaka Headquarters 81-6-6267-6500 / Tokyo Main Office 81-3-5460-9630

 Smartphone, Tablet Devices

At VALTES, we retain over 100 smartphone and tablet devices ,and continue to acquire the latest devices when they are released. We also loan out smartphone and tablet devices or bring required devices to client sites to respond to specific testing execution needs.



Device OS 1.6 OS 2.1 OS 2.2 OS 2.3 OS 4.0 OS 4.1
XPERIA SO-01B       
REGZA Phone T-01C          
GALAXY S(SC-02B)          
Optimus chat L-04C          
MEDIAS N-04C          
AQUOS PHONE SH-12C          
Xperia TM arc SO-01C          
GALAXY SII SC-02C       
Xperia acro SO-02C       
Xperia ray SO-03C          
MEDIAS N-06C       
AQUOS PHONE SH-06D          
Disney Mobile on docomo F-08D          
Disney Mobile on docomo P-05D          
XPERIA acro SO-03D          
GALAXY SII SC-03D          
GALAXY NEXUS SC-04D          
AQUOS PHONE st SH-07D          
GALAXYSⅢ SC-06D          
Optimus it L-05D          
ARROWS X F-10D          
REGZA Phone T-02D          
Xperia Z SO-02E          


Device OS 1.6 OS 2.1 OS 2.2 OS 2.3 OS 4.0
SIRIUSα IS06        
Xperia acro IS11S     
GzOne IS11CA     
INFOBAR A01        
ARROWS Z ISW11F        


Device OS 1.6 OS 2.1 OS 2.2 OS 2.3 OS 4.0
HTC Desire SoftBank X06HT        
HTC Desire HD(001HT)      
GALAPAGOS 003SH        
DELL Streak(001DL)        
GALAPAGOS 005SH        
AQUOS PHONE 104SH        

Windows Mobile


Device 6 Pro 6 sta 6.1 Pro 6.5 Pro 7.5
hTc Z       
dynapocket T-01A      


Device 6 Pro 6 sta 6.1 Pro 6.5 Pro 7.5
Windows Phone IS12T        


端末名 6 Pro 6 sta 6.1 Pro 6.5 Pro 7.5

・6 Pro = Windows Mobile 6 Professional
・6 sta = Windows Mobile 6 Standard
・6.1 Pro = Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
・6.6 Pro = Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional
・7.5 = Windows Mobile 7.5



Device iOS 3.1 iOS 4.3 iOS 5.0 iOS 5.1 iOS 6.0
iPhone 3GS 16GB    
iPhone 4 16GB        
iPhone 4S 16GB      
iPhone 5 16GB        


Device iOS 3.1 iOS 4.3 iOS 5.0 iOS 5.1 iOS 6.0
iPhone 4S 16GB        
iPhone 5 16GB        

* We respond to iOS version upgrades, but please consult us in the case of multiple devices.

Other OS


Device Platform
FOMA「M1000」 REL_62.30.00J M1000_U_36_19_14P
REL_62.12.01J M1000_U_36.19.11P
BlackBerry 8707h BlackBerry 8707 smartphone Ver.


Device Platform
X02NK S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack1 software

Overseas-oriented devices (Android)

Device OS 1.6 OS 2.1 OS 2.2 OS 2.3 OS 4.0
GALAXY Y GT-S5360    
Samsung Google Nexus S        
Wildfire S (A510e)        
HTC One V        
Xperia P        
Atrix 2