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At Valtes, we have compiled a strong record of performance in providing digital multifunction office machine and printer software testing (built-in software) to many leading manufacturers. With our highly-knowledgeable staff and teams of specialists in digital multifunction office machine assessment, we provide everything from test planning to execution and summary reporting.
We help boost quality control of your digital multifunction office machinery in a variety of ways.

We help boost quality control of your digital multifunction office machinery in a variety of ways.

We help boost quality control of your digital multifunction office machinery in a variety of ways.

Service Flow

Off-site (Orders)
Leave everything from software test project planning to execution to us

Software test planning

Through our comprehensive test project planning, we can help you determine precisely what kinds of testing, functional testing, scheduling and man-hours, and testing range are required.

Software test design

From test target specifications and manuals, we ascertain "functions" and "approaches" and compile them into a task list to prevent possible test oversight. In addition, we draft test cases utilizing various techniques to enable the most efficient test execution for specific needs.

Software Test Execution

Execution of testing is based on test case results. If we encounter bugs, we compile an incident report and report to the particular software developer involved.

Summary Presentation

We analyze test results and any abnormalities we may find and reflect our findings in summary reports that can be used as reference for future projects. Our product and project reports reports also include third party recommendations.

On-site (Dispatch)
We provide a highly flexible response to all processes from test design to execution.

  • Software Test Design Planning
  • Software Test Planning
  • Software Test Execution
  • Summary Reporting
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Test Menu

Introduction to our test diverse suit of testing services for digital multifunction office machines and printer functions

Off-site testing

We bring test cases back to our test centers (in Tokyo and Osaka)? for execution of various testing by our specialist staff. We contain and reduce customer costs by only assigning personnel during actual test execution periods. We stand by a promise to provide the highest level of testing quality and efficient resource management at digital multifunction office equipment development and testing sites marked by high fluctuations in operation and non-operation. We also respond to requests for work on customer campuses.

Off-site testing
Even with off-site testing, Valtes' testing engineers draft test documents (test plan prospectus, test design and specs prospectus and test cases), execute testing and then report on issues such as malfunctions in house at Valtes facilities. An intimate communications system is established between Valtes and the customer to ensure quality and thoroughness with review hearings and quality status reporting conducted at customer sites.

On-site testing

We carry a permanent staff of test engineers and test operators who have been through our own software testing education curriculum in our software development and quality control divisions. We can offer top human resources for every phase of testing, whether only test design, or everything from design through execution to summary reporting.

Function Testing

We have an abundance of engineers and specialists with the product knowledge and know-how to handle the highly complex testing peculiar to digital multifunction office machinery and printers in the most efficient way.
Function Testing

Printer Drive Testing

We seek to streamline and raise operational efficiency of your printers and digital multifunction office machines despite their enormously complicated configurations through a combination of techniques printer drive testing techniques.

Network Function Testing

Our highly knowledgeable specialists can test the diverse range of network functionality done through your printers and digital multifunction office machinery.

Printer functions, Copy functions, Scanner functions, Fax functions, answering machine functions, network functions, memory card printing functions, digital camera printing functions, printer driver, PC applications, etc.

Valtes is a company that specializes in software testing in a wide variety of fields

Our performance in digital multifunction office machinery and printer software testing

Test Case for Quality Control Improvement

In relation to the enormous amount of man-hours that we put into testing complex digital machinery, finding problems or inefficiencies often proved a very arduous task. VALTES helped us reassess test worthy settings again with the developers, then employed test techniques to make possible software testing methods capable of efficiently detecting a lot of bugs in the system.

Maintenance of test clusters

Because testing sequences were quite complex and vast numbers of confirmation items were often written in a mixed form, we often had cases of even veteran testers running into great difficulty when trying to conduct software tests. VALTES came in and can offered us some brand new testing formats, re-writing and re-organizing our conventional test procedures so that even novices could run software tests on our equipment.

Random Test? Systemization

We conducted random testing (ad hoc testing) as a means for supplementing our test cases. But since it was largely determined by individual sense, experience or luck, the effects were limited. Through dispatch of on-site members, VALTES proposed that we conduct planned random testing. Their entire digital multifunction office machinery assessment team drew up a plan and policy for us to follow that led to much more effective random testing.

Software Test Solutions

We conduct comprehensive third party verification that includes non-functional as well as functional testing

As a "third party" that is neither developer or end user, we make active use of software quality control standards (such as ISO/IEC9126-1) to conduct comprehensive tests that include non-functional testing and adequacy evaluations.

In addition, we utilize our rich experience in testing software from multiple makers to conduct tests using a standardized test approach chart

Staff Voices

"I want to remain a reliable partner"

I am project leader for on-site test design operations. My role is to provide customers with test cases that address customer demands based on their test design requirements

Multifunction office equipment has grown tremendously complex in recent years, resulting in development staff with backgrounds in diverse fields. In addition to having a deep understanding of machine specifications, good communication with product developers and test administrators is something I've come to feel is extremely important.

Before I was on the contracting side, I was doing on-site test design and testing. I was able to take advantage of my experience to date in ensuring that tests be designed for the high-efficiency bug detection customers desired, as well as providing superior maintenance and tests that testers could easily carry out.

I throw my whole self daily into ensuring I remain a reliable partner.
Digital Multifunction Office Machinery Test Engineer Takahide Iwata
Digital Multifunction Office Machinery
Test Engineer

Takahide Iwata

"I love a good challenge"

My work centers around test design. And digital multifunction office machines are deep and complex creatures. Just when I feel I've gotten a thorough knowledge of, say, telephony-related functions, a machine built for another country might begin behaving very differently. There's always so much to learn.

With network-related functionality on the rise, there are times when I encounter functions I've never previously handled. That's when my juices really begin flowing. I always love a good challenge.

There are times when customers will come to us scratching their heads and saying, "How do you begin to test a machine like this?" We simply return to basics, imagine how users are employing the product and conduct tests designed to address all the things that must not happen in operation.

Digital multifunction office machines are constantly being upgraded with new functionality, and so I love the ever-present challenges. I am excited about the prospect of working with customers to develop the next generation in office equipment. And when it comes to testing digital multifunction office machinery, rest assured you're in good hands with VALTES!
Digital Multifunction Office Machinery Test Engineer Shigetoku Akimoto
Digital Multifunction Office Machinery
Test Engineer

Shigetoku Akimoto

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