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What are Valtes software testing services?

Software issues are social issues

Software problems are increasing every year. Recent incidents still fresh in memory include sudden stoppages in airport management systems causing flight impediments, and problems with electronically-controlled braking systems in hybrid vehicles.
All these problems represent major social problems that have resulted in lawsuits, recalls and considerable damage to brand strength.

Software testing is the first step in risk management

Avoiding or managing risks due to software issues is dependent upon improving quality control through testing from a neutral standpoint. At VALTES, we continually utilize the vast know-how we have accumulated since our inception to provide high quality testing.

Offering Testing Know-How Based on a Wealth of Experience and Results

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Precision measurement is vital to testing

Software Testing Flow

By establishing and promoting a comprehensive strategy through test planning, we are able to promote a testing regime from the next stage onward without deviating from the original strategy. We accept requests for support from any stage be it for test design only, or from design to test execution through to summary reporting.
Hearing→Test Planning Test Design→Test Execution→Summary Presentation
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Test process optimization is the short cut quality improvement

Test Process Optimization

We offer objective-based "brush-up" services based on VALTES' own systematized framework for confirmation and analysis of current test processes.
Current Test Process Analysis Clarification and Review of Test Thoroughness Optimization Offering

Are you struggling with software testing issues?

Are you struggling with software testing issues? ・I want to build systematized test cases・I feel our testing balance is bad・I worry about omissions in testing・Tests is growing too common・It's hard to keep up with the increase in testing items・New issues arise with every new customization
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Introduction to Valtes' performance cases

Software Testing Performance (Excerpt)

We respond to a wide range of software formats including embedded type, enterprise type, Web type, EC site, cloud, and smartphone applications.
Digital broadcasting system
Category Test Target Tested functions
Digital TV Data broadcast, two-way communication, conditional access, download, copy guard, subtitle, CEC control function, bookmark,
video/audio format, parental control, emergency alert,
Stream reception test
(TSs distributed by Dpa, Valtes original TS)
STB (IPTV) Visual and auditory function (terrestrial digital broadcasting, broadband broadcasting), electronic program guide,
data broadcasting, recording, timer recording, content playback,
CEC control function, two-way communication, parental control, CAS(conditional access system), download, VOD play, copy guide, subtitle, video/audio format, stream reception test
(TSs distributed by Dpa(12seg, BS, CS), Valtes original TS)
Blu-ray recorder All functions(recording, playback, editing, JPEG play, MPEG2 play, CDDA play, VCD play),
DLNA function
DVD recorder All functions(recording, play, editing,
JPEG play, MPEG2 play, CDDA play, VCD play)
Handy phone (One-seg) Stream reception test
(TSs distributed by Dpa, Valtes original TS)
Smartphone (One-seg) Stream reception test
(TSs distributed by Dpa, Valtes original TS)
Car-mounted tuner(One-seg) Stream reception test
(TSs distributed by Dpa, Valtes original TS)
Multimedia broadcast(NOTTV) All functions for terminal side application
Broadcasting equipment
(cable digital television
Stream reception test (TSs distributed by Dpa, Valtes original TS, programming change, high rate load)
Embedded system
Category Test Target Tested functions
AV products Digital camera
(compact/single-lens reflex)
Compatibility of function
Document camera All concerned application, TWAIN driver
Video Tape Recorder
(for professionals)
Recording, play, editing, MENU
Digital audio player PC-LINK
Multi-audio player All functions
DVD player All functions
Sound board Sound middle ware
Sound card Driver, new OS suitability
E-dictionary Fundamental operation, all key operation,
search function
NAS Compatibility test
Handy phone
(docomo, au, SoftBank,WILLCOM, EMOBILE,
overseas communication carrier)
Communication function, mail, browser,
application priority, SDA application, media player,
address book, data folder, Bluetooth, UI,
viewer application
PDA Basic application(Windows application for mobile),
network(HSDPA・wireless LAN),
One-seg(movie・radio wave reception condition・
text broadcasting・data broadcasting)
PDA(touch screen) Touch screen, communication function,
telephone, mail, mobile OS, digital camera
E-book viewer Document viewer, security, document editor, driver
E-book Advertisement function
Digital MFP(inkjet/laser) Print, copy, scan, PC connection, FAX, PictBridge,network, telephone, driver, Multi-media function,digital camera, touch screen,
application for MFP, WHCK authentication
Laser printer Print, network, driver
Label printer Label generation functions(bar-code, time and date calculation,
tax caluculation・discount ratio calculation,print),driver
Car audio All functions
Failure part diagnosis tool Failure part diagnosis tool(application)
Car diagnosis system CAN communication function
Factory adjustment function test analysis, improvement suggestion,
test design for multiple camera function , previous fault analysis
Drive recorder All functions
Electrical rice cooker Source code analysis(static analysis)
Hot water heater All functions
Auto emission monitor All functions
Lighting system Source code analysis(static analysis)
Air conditioner All functions
Disaster prevention alarm system All functions
Remote measuring system Communication function(PLC communication,
wireless communication, external IF)
Security camera /DVR All functions
Factory Energy Management
All functions
Electrocardiogram All functions
Medical bed All functions
Sphygmomanometer Communication function
(USB compatible connection test)
Blood analytical equipment All functions
Web system
Category Test Target Tested functions
EC site All functions
Web membership
registration system
All functions
Music delivery site All functions
Campaign site All functions
Room reservation site All functions
Portal site All functions
Coupon site All functions
Portal for fashion business All functions
Trading site All functions
Questionnaire analysis system All functions
Automobile insurance-related
All functions
EC site application All functions
Printer cooperation application All functions for smartphone print
Image editing application All functions
Music delivery application All functions
Movie delivery system All functions
Other application All functions
EC construction package order management function
(store management system, delivery management system),
inventory control function
(information management system for financial industry)
ASP Service Router bulk setting, Web hosting service
Mobile application Mailer, scheduler, security authentication
Web application DB cooperation part, GUI, URL filtering function
Category Test Target Tested functions
Social game Smartphone game application GUI, download, SNS, platform, charging function
Tablet game application GUI, download, SNS, platform, charging function
PC game application GUI, download, SNS, platform, charging function
Operation environment for
foreign countries 
Speed confirmation, download

Enterprise system
Category Test Target Tested functions
Sound data converter for sound generator LSI All functions
Image editing software Image editor, movie generator
PC conference system All functions
DTP software All functions
E-form system All functions
Log management tool PC event log management tool
Image data process software All functions
Measured data process software Data process function
Communication software All functions(GUI, communication function)
Font management software All functions
Content download Web site
for mobile
GUI, download
Home network system All functions
Life insurance system All functions
Receipt computer All functions(data entry for patient information ・
diagnosis・disease information, accounts settlement,
management document, receipt, master setting, print setting)
Electronic medical chart All functions(electronic chart, reference of diagnosis,ORCA linkage)
Total management system for CATV provider Charging management
Parking system All functions
Condominiums management
Credit center terminal ID management(home・abroad), WAON, Edy,
China union pay, point management, nanaco, credit, Debit, QUICPay
Home security server security related function
Man-hour management system All functions
Order management system
for car industry
All functions
Insurance system Management
B to B Server All functions
Cloud Service Performance test, load test
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