Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

VALTES CO.,LTD. , VALTES Mobile Technology CO.,LTD. and VALTES Advanced Technology, Inc. (hereinafter called VALTES Group) is fully committed to its social obligations with regard to the appropriate use and protection of personal information. The entire staff has been appropriately instructed and will adhere to our Personal Information Protection Policy.

Collection of personal information and use of such information The VALTES Group will only collect personal information within the scope of the purposes specified below. Such collected information may only be used for these specific purposes.

* To provide various types of production services
* To respond to customer inquiries and comments
* For member registration to "Qbook", the free software test information site run by VALTES CO., LTD.

Personal information may only be handled by designated staff members who have the authority to perform specified tasks for which the information is required. Personal information will only be collected by explicit agreement. However, if agreement for the collection of personal information is not given, it may not be possible to provide all the services for which the collection of personal information is listed as a precondition.

Providing of information to third parties The VALTES Group does not provide customers' private information to third parties without their consent except in the case of "Shared use and commissioning" below.
However, exceptions to this rule may be made when required by law or in serious cases where it is deemed necessary to protect human life, wellbeing, or property.

Shared use and commissioning The VALTES Group may provide customers' private information for shared use within the group companies or in cases where work is consigned to third parties subject to strict selection and appropriate monitoring.

Safeguarding The VALTES Group implements the required security measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, modification, or leaking of personal information data.

Disclosure When a customer requests disclosure, correction, or deletion of his/her personal information, The VALTES Group shall comply with the request as much as possible without disrupting business operations. The VALTES Group does not have the right to disclose personal information that came to The VALTES Group through commissioning from third parties.

InquiriesFor inquiries, complaints or other communication regarding personal information, please click here to use the contact form.

October 1, 2014
Shinji Tanaka President
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