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Offshore Testing Services
Want to improve quality and reduce cost at the same time? Try VALTES’ offshore testing service by our group company in the Philippines! Young and talented Filipino testing experts perform the testing. We test wide variety of products from AV/OA devices, web/smartphone apps, and to localization testing. We are also capable of global sourcing at major cities in 26 countries worldwide.
 Why Offshore Testing?

In recent years, more and more companies in Japan have been shifting their product development to offshore locations. Likewise, companies eyeing for the offshore testing are increasing. Unfortunately, however, we hear about many unsuccessful attempts.

Offshore testing can be very effective when utilized with sound understanding of its advantages and disadvantages. VALTES offers you the best offshore testing service based on your requirements.

Four Advantages of VALTES Offshore Testing Service
  1. Cost Advantages

    Offshore testing can be done at more reasonable cost than on-site and near-shore testing.
    * Provided that deliverables, such as test documents, are written in English.
  2. Quality Improvements

    As an offshore delivery team of a company specialized in testing, our offshore testers undergo thorough training on quality.
  3. English Testing Advantages

    Since English is an official language of the Philippines, testing of English based systems can be performed more effectively.
  4. Field Testing in Other ASEAN Countries

    Aside from the Philippines, we can also conduct field tests in other ASEAN countries at a more reasonable cost than sending testers from Japan.
Why Philippines?

There are four reasons why VALTES has chosen the Philippines as its offshore base.

Four Reasons
  1. Can communicate smoothly in English

    English is the official language in the Philippines.
    Filipinos speak English with an accent that is closer to American English which makes it easier to understand.
  2. Abundant Workforces

    Philippine has large younger age population. More workforces are expected to be available in the future.
  3. Incentives from Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA)

    Excempted in customs duty and other taxes, simplified customs procedures, and allowed to hire foreign employees.
  4. Pro-Japanese

    According to the survey conducted by Aun Consulting, Inc. in November 2012, over 90% of Filipino respondents answered they like Japan. Such strong pro-Japan environment allows Japan-related businesses conducted smoother in the Philippines than in other countries.
Contact us for testing consultations and quotations.
Inquiry Form

Osaka Headquarters 81-6-6267-6500 / Tokyo Main Office 81-3-5460-9630

Outline of Offshore Testing

VALTES Offshore Testing Service Outline.

Patterns of Our Test Service
Pattern1: Test Execution only, Pattern2: From Test Design To Test Execution, Pattern3: From Test Planning To Summary Presentation
Test Target

Sample Test Targets*We can perform test for targets other than samples shown below

Digital Broadcast Receivers / Digital Multi-Functional Devices / Digital Cameras / Web Systems / Smartphone Apps,Smartphone Websites / Localization Tests, Field Tests
Test Documents

Test documents, which include incident reports, shall be written in English.
(* We can translate test documents into Japanese as an option upon request.)

Basic Patterns of Engagements


Engagement through VALTES in Japan.
Client’s language of communicates is Japanese.

Line of communication: Client > VALTES  (Japan) Bridge Engineer > Head of Offshore Base > Testers

VALTES’ bridge engineer is assigned to work at client’s site.
Client’s language of communicates is Japanese.

Line of communication: Client > VALTES Bridge Engineer in Client’s office > Head of Offshore Base > Testers

Client directly communicates with VALTES’ offshore base.
Client’s language of communicates is English.

Line of communication: Head of Offshore Base > Testers

* We also have personnel who can speak Japanese in our offshore base to assist you in the communication.


Offshore Testing FAQ

Q. Can foreign engineers keep the quality expected by Japanese?

A. We thoroughly teach our local engineers in the Philippines the concept of Japanese quality through our specially-designed training curriculum and OJT.
We also send our Japanese employees to the offshore site to ensure proper test management and review.

Q. I am worried about language barrier and cultural difference.

A. We assign Japanese engineer(s) as our bridge to communicate with you in Japanese to avoid misunderstanding.

Q. Won’t the response be slower?

A. The time difference between Japan and the Philippines is just one hour and therefore, you can get in touch with us easily during your office hours.
It is possible to utilize TV conference system to assure smooth communication and sharing of information.
We are also planning to introduce cloud based test management so that we can monitor and understand the situation on a real-time basis.
(Cloud based management system operation is expected to start by the summer of 2014.)

Contact us for testing consultations and quotations.
Inquiry Form

Osaka Headquarters 81-6-6267-6500 / Tokyo Main Office 81-3-5460-9630

Message from VALTES

Offshore Testing? Leave it to the Expert!

Many people may have negative perceptions about offshore outsourcing, such as "Low quality" and "Can’t meet the deadline".

We, VALTES ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY, INC. (VAT) provide services that satisfy your testing needs with testing expertise inherited from VALTES, a company specializing in testing, and advantages that we have as an offshore base.

Aside from testing, VAT accommodates development-related inquiries.

Our group company VALTES Mobile Technology will handle from requirement definition up to basic specifications design wile VAT will be handling from detailed specifications design, coding, unit testing up to system testing. To assure the quality, our parent company VALTES will do the final checking.

Such development can be done offshore and in Japanese. All deliverables will undergo strict quality checking in accordance with the Japanese quality standard before delivery. Feel free to contact us for details.

VALTES Advanced Technology, Inc. Head of Offshore Base Makoto KakudaVALTES Advanced Technology, Inc.
Head of Offshore Base

Makoto Kakuda

Company Profile of VALTES Advanced Technology, Inc.

Corporate name:
Business activities:

Principal shareholder:
VALTES Advanced Technology, Inc.
Makati City, Philippines
Shinji Tanaka
10 million pesos
1. Software testing services
2. Digital broadcasting testing services
3. Software development services
Contact us for testing consultations and quotations.
Inquiry Form

Osaka Headquarters 81-6-6267-6500 / Tokyo Main Office 81-3-5460-9630

Offshore Bases(Global Sourcing)

Aside from the Philippines, we also do testing at major cities in 26 countries worldwide.

world map
Global Footprint of VALTES
Area Country City
Asia Japan Tokyo
Taiwan Taoyuan
China Shanghai
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Philippines Manila
Singapore Singapore
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
India Bangalore
United Arab Emirates Dubai Internet City
Area Country City
Europe Belgium Brussels
Denmark Copenhagen
Ireland Dublin
Norway Oslo
Spain Barcelona
Switzerland Geneva
Netherlands Amsterdam
Hungary Budapest
Germany Frankfurt
France Paris
United Kingdom London
Oceania Australia Sydney
New Zealand Auckland
Area Country City
North America United States Phoenix
Los Angeles
San Ramon
Canada Toronto
South America Argentina Buenos Aires
Brazil Sao Paulo