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  • Web app Testing
  • Software Testing
  • Digital broadcast Testing
  • Smartphone app Testing
  • Social game Testing
  • Web app Testing
  • Software Testing
  • Digital broadcast Testing
  • Smartphone app Testing
  • Social game Testing
  • Web app Testing
Software Testing

We respond to a wide range of software formats including embedded type, enterprise type,
Web type, EC site, cloud,
and smartphone applications.

Digital Broadcasting Testing

Since our founding, we have tested numerous digital broadcasting devices.
We offer the optimal testing based on accumulated knowledge and know-how.

Smartphone application Testing

We conduct smartphone (ie. iPhone, Android) application testing, providing support of smartphone application quality through 3 types of tests: standard testing, distinct testing and scenario testing.

Social game Testing

We conduct social game testings such as for card games, social media testing such as for SNS and platform testing.

Web application Testing

We offer optimized testing based on a performance record of approximately 200 Web applications tested, and respond to a wide variety of needs from large systems to small sites.

Offshore Testing

Young and talented Filipino testing experts perform the testing. We test wide variety of products from AV/OA devices, web/smartphone apps, and to localization testing.

Digital Broadcast Receivers

Digital Terrestrial, BS/CS testing
ARIB, BML, Dpa testing
Unique test stream creation
Latin America targeted STB testing

Digital Cameras

Usability Testing
Field Testing
Exterior device connectivity testing
Recording media testing

Digital Multifunction Office Machine

Printer Checks
Network function tests
Printer drive tests
Interface tests

Software testing helps everybody to enjoy
more convenient and safe products

The world of software is evolving at an amazing pace. Applications offering a wealth of convenient features are being created on a daily basis.
But enhanced usability and convenience often mean more complexity under the hood. As products become larger and more complex, problems also tend to intensify. In some cases, as increasingly reported by the media, these can even lead to product recalls or service interruptions involving large damage claims.
VALTES CO.,LTD feels that the reputation of quality products made in Japan, founded on decades of growth in the latter half of the 20th century, is in danger of crumbling. We want to contribute towards a world where everyone can enjoy convenient and safe products.
We offer software testing services that are done in parallel to software development, enable to minimize the risks inherent in the development process.
By raising the bar for quality, we see ourselves as partners who can help bring about better results.

Call us at�@Osaka Head Office 81-6-6267-6500�@Tokyo Main Branch 81-3-5460-9630


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