Digital Broadcasting Testing Services

Digital Broadcasting Testing Services
Test Stream Creation:Creation of unique test streams compliant with ARIB standards specs!

We have created over 1,200 digital broadcast service test streams for Digital Terrestrial, BS, 1-seg and multimedia broadcasts.
We conduct ARIB analyses to create test cases and test streams extracted from VALTES's own unique and abnormal case perspectives. We propose test streams that optimally suit client needs.

Sales of unique test streams

Test Stream Creation Flow1

(1)Study analyses:For the creation of required test streams, we first conduct studies and analyses of specification materials such as ARIB to clearly define the target range needed for test stream creation. (2)Using specification materials such as ARIB as well as VALTES' own additionally added perspectives, necessary check items are extracted and compiled into a checklist, yielding the attributes for creation test streams. Test stream design is conducted and incorporated into a test stream spec sheet.
(3)Test stream creation, checks and delivery (4)Execution of testing

Test Stream Creation Flow2

Test Streams Built to Customer Needs

We create test streams that respond to customer needs.

Inquiry Samples
・"We can't make proper confirmations with our existing test streams."
・"What about when we need abnormal broadcast test streams?"
・"We need our own data broadcast contents (BML)."  Etc.
Test Stream Creation Flowchart

1. Upon receiving an order to build a test stream, we conduct a hearings with clients to ascertain their needs.
2. Based on the contents of the hearing, we draft a TS specifications sheet. 
 (Where requested, we can also draft a BML spec sheet)
3. We conduct a review of the TS specifications to make sure the contents accurately reflect client requests.
4. We build a test stream based on the TS specs.
 * We ask clients to prepare their own video/audio data.
5. We deliver to the clients the completed test streams.

4 Keys to Digital Broadcast Receiver Test Stream Creation

4 Reasons to choose VALTES for your test stream creation.

  1. 1.Engineers with ARIB masteryOur test engineers with their mastery of ARIB create the test streams themselves.
    Proposal of precise test streams based on ARIB knowledge and testing know-how.
  2. 2.Creation of 1,200 test streams to date At VALTES, we have already created a total of 1,200 unique test streams for Digital Terrestrial, BS, 1-seg and multimedia broadcasts, having established a strong and independent stream base and test stream creation process that is efficient and meets precise objectives.
  3. 3.Bring peace of mind for customers without much test stream execution knowledgeAt VALTES, we make it possible for customers to generate test cases together with test streams without needing to deeply understand test stream content.
  4. 4.Complete Testing EquipmentVALTES test centers are fully equipped with various facilities and devices for test stream creation such as signal generators, analyzers, TS creation tools and verification equipment.

Test Stream Creation

We have a strong track record in test stream creation for various broadcast services, functions and Region area.

ServicesFunctionsRegion area
・Digital Terrestrial
・PSI/SI(including EPG)
・South America
Contact us for testing consultations and quotations.
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