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Multimedia broadcast testing:For Mobacas terminal testing, leave it to the experience-rich experts at VALTES!

Because we at VALTES have been testing digital broadcasting receivers since our founding, we know multimedia broadcasting testing solutions. Utilizing many test streams that have been developed and verified under a host of conditions, we offer high-quality testing services in support of safety, reliability, peace of mind and comfort for our customers.

3 Reasons for Choosing VALTES

3 reasons why VALTES is chosen for digital broadcast testing.

  1. 1.Rich Testing Performance RecordWe are experienced in all types of testing of multimedia broadcast terminal applications, and possess a strong testing performance record.
  2. 2.A wide variety of test cases in our possession In addition to test streams distributed by multimedia forums, we analyze ARIB and create our own test perspective test cases and test streams, including abnormality test streams.
  3. 3.Ability to set up testing environmentsWe are thoroughly versed in handling telecommunication servers for testing, enabling us to build and set up replete testing environments.

Testing Image for Multimedia Broadcast Receivers

In addition to test streams distributed by multimedia forums, we can send to your receiver devices VALTES' own developed ISDB-Tmm test streams via our proprietary signal generator devices.
We focus centrally on "display" and "navigation" during test stream reception, and test the existence of quality levels capable of sustaining real environment demands in compliance with specifications.

Test Image

ISDB-Tmm Test Streams

Not only do we create test cases following research of "functionality" and "requirements" emanating from ISDB-Tmm guidelines, but also create test streams that make full use of our accumulated test creation know-how.
We strive to continue creating needed test streams based on future service advancements and operation, including normal type and abnormal-type testing.

Let VALTES resolve common issues with multimedia broadcast testing!
ARIB analyses issues

Because VALTES has a rich performance record in testing of digital broadcast receivers, we have many engineers with ARIB mastery who can accurately extract testing items and issues.

We conduct ARIB analyses to elucidate the very important testing parameters in:
“ARIB defined values lists”

"I can’t create a test stream"

We got to work on creation of the kinds of test streams necessary for testing 6 years ago. We now maintain a full set of equipment and can create and confirm test streams in accordance with objectives.

We compile test streams necessary for multimedia broadcast testing as:
“Multimedia broadcast stream list”

Anxieties about test omissions and oversight

Thanks to many years of experience and systematization of flows, we build appropriate tests that meet objectives. We create a function and perspectives matrix and provide tests free of omissions and oversight.

We compile functional and perspectives from ARIB and digital broadcasting receivers to date to projected multimedia broadcast receiver functions as:
“Functional perspective list” (completed)

VALTES strengths
  • Digital broadcasting testing rooms are housed inside our security-controlled test centers. We maintain a full lineup of devices needed for digital broadcasting such as signal generators, OFDM modulators, analyzers and test stream creation tools.
  • Rich experience in digital broadcast testing
    Digital Terrestrial, BS, CS, 1-seg
    Test Target:
    Digital TV, IPTV, Blu-ray, vehicle on-board tuners, simple tuners, etc.
    Japan, Europe, North America, South America
    Test Content:
    functional testing, A-PAB testing, ARIB testing and field testing
    Test Equipment:
    Full set of devices required in digital broadcasting
From creation of test streams and test cases to test execution and results reporting, VALTES offers one-stop testing!
Contact us for testing consultations and quotations.
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