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Digital Broadcasting Testing Services
Test Center, Equipment and Devices:A full lineup of equipment and devices needed for testing digital broadcast receivers

At VALTES Test Centers, we maintain a full line of equipment and devices needed for the digital broadcast receivers consigned to us for testing. Our test centers provide a secure and replete environment for digital broadcast receiver testing including Internet and broadcast reception antenna infrastructure and equipment, signal generators and OFDM modulators.

Secure Test Centers

We build and operate secure test centers where we can take temporary custody of customers' pre-market digital broadcast receivers for testing purposes.

  1. Full Security RegimeIntroduction of strict access control system using security locks.
    Security maintenance based on user histories and entry restrictions to non-associate personnel.
    Consign your pre-release products with us in complete peace of mind.
  2. ISO27001 Certification We acquired ISO27001 certification in 2008 to not only ensure that we put in place physical security measures but to also build a comprehensive security systems, including framework building and human resource education, supervision and control.

Digital Broadcast Testing Devices

The following is a sample of devices VALTES maintains for digital broadcast receiver testing.

TypeMakerModel No.
DTV signal generatorsEIDEN3532B-002
OFDM modulatorsASTRO CM-5606A
ISDB-Tmm signal generatorsEIDEN3549B
VHF/UHF modulatorsDekTecDTU-215
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