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Digital Broadcasting Testing Services
Stream Reception Testing:Solid testing of targeted timing and pattern

We can conduct solid testing using test streams even for test items difficult to assess through actual broadcast signals such as testing for "day crossover", "year crossover" and other timing issues and abnormal data reception time behavior.
In addition to A-PAB distributed test streams, we retain our own in-company developed normal and irregular Digital Terrestrial, BS, 1-seg test streams.
VALTES offers a fully-equipped test stream environment.We can arrange all manners of required testing.

Stream Reception Image for Digital Broadcast Receivers

Test image
3 Keys to Digital Broadcast Receiver Stream Reception Testing

3 reasons why VALTES is chosen for stream reception testing.

  1. 1.Engineers with ARIB masteryOur test engineers with ARIB mastery select the needed test streams for conducting testing. These seasoned engineers can also do signal generator operation and assess test results.
  2. 2.VALTES' in-company developed test streams As a supplement to test streams distributed by A-PAB, we conduct ARIB analyses, discover insufficient test cases and develop our own normal and abnormal test streams. At present, we retain a total of 1,200 unique test streams for Digital Terrestrial, BS, 1-seg and multimedia broadcasts.
  3. 3.Complete Testing EquipmentFully equipped with necessary equipment for stream reception testing including signal generators, analyzers and TS creation tools.

Rights Management and Protection System (RMP) compatibility

We introduce and provide guidance about Digital Terrestrial broadcast reception tests that conform to the Rights Management and Protection System (RMP) for digital broadcasting.
* The Rights Management and Protection System (RMP) is currently being run at 126 broadcast stations.

At Valtes, we have commenced compatible device testing services using test streams distributed by the RMP Administration Center for Terrestrial Broadcasting Content.
Furthermore, this can be conducted while simultaneously running reception tests utilizing existing test streams.

Service Sample
・A-PAB distribution test streams + contents Rights Management and Protection (RMP) test streams
・Valtes proprietary developed test streams + contents Rights Management and Protection (RMP) test streams

And other test streams designed to suit client needs.

Stream Reception Testing Record

A strong track record in a variety of broadcast services, products, functions and Region area.

・Digital Terrestrial
・Digital television
・Cell phones
・3-wave tuners
・1-seg tuners
・Vehicle on-board tuners
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