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Digital Broadcasting Testing Services
Leave the testing to us! Digital broadcasting receiver testing including digital television and Blu-ray recorder.

Since our founding, we have tested numerous digital broadcasting devices.
We offer the optimal testing based on accumulated knowledge and know-how.

3 Reasons for Choosing Valtes

3 reasons why VALTES is chosen for digital broadcast testing.

  1. 1.Rich Testing Performance RecordValtes has a large volume of digital broadcast device testing to its record including Blu-ray recorders and digital televisions, and has already built up a testing track record in multimedia broadcast terminals such as the increasingly popular NOTTV.
    Testing Performance Sample
  2. 2.A wide variety of test cases in our possession Valtes conducts ARIB analysis, drills down to the right testing approach in preparation of test cases, and moreover, creates unique test streams based on test cases in addition to test streams by A-PAB. Valtes also retains a large number of abnormal type test streams.
  3. 3.Complete Testing EnvironmentValtes possesses in its test center OFDM modulators, analyzers, test stream building tools and a host of devices required for digital broadcast testing.

Digital Broadcast Testing Record

A wide-ranging performance record in broadcasting services, products and Region area.

ServicesProductsRegion area
・Digital Terrestrial
・Mobacas etc.
・Digital TV
・1-seg tuners
・Blu-ray recorders
・3-wave tuners
・vehicle on-board tuners
・cellular telephones
・North America
・South America etc.
Digital broadcast receiver testing record

VALTES' Test Modes

We provide 2 main types of testing modes.

Off-site Testing
We take your receivers back to our full-service test environment Test Centers to conduct testing.
  • Short-term testingWe accept requests for specific time period testing.One week short-term testing okay.
  • 24-hour 3-shift testingWe can conduct 24-hour 3-shift concentrated testing near release dates.
  • East-West 2hub simultaneous testingComparisons and testing of device operation according to regional programming differences.
On-site Testing
We dispatch our experienced test engineers to customer Region area to conduct on-site testing.
  • Assignment customized to your testing needsWe can customize assignment of our project leaders and testing staff to fit your objectives and content needs.
  • Flexible response through variable time periodsHuman resource allocation when you need it and for as long as you need it from terms as short as a few weeks to an annual basis.
  • Dispatch of testing professionalsExpert engineers control testing to allow development staff to focus on development for efficient project management.
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VALTES' 2 Test Approaches

We take 2 main approaches to testing.

  • Functional Operation Testing
  • Stream Reception Testing

VALTES' Testing Environment and Performance Record

Introducing VALTES test centers, equipment and performance record.

  • Test Centers and Equipment
  • Testing Performance Record

VALTES Digital Broadcast Testing Related Services

Leave the creation of test streams and testing of multimedia broadcast receivers to us.

  • Test Stream Creation
  • Multimedia Broadcast Testing
  • Test Stream Sales

VALTES' digital broadcasting membership affiliations

· The Association for Promotion of Advanced Broadcasting Services(A-PAB)
· ISDB-T Multimedia Forum
· The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers

Contact us for testing consultations and quotations.
Inquiry Form

Osaka Headquarters 81-6-6534-6561 / Tokyo Headquarters 81-3-5210-2080