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What Valtes Aims For
Helping to Build a Rewarding and Secure ICT Society

In the world we live in, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is constantly evolving and becoming more pervasive. At the same time, software applications are growing larger and more complex. By providing advanced testing tools and services based on latest research and extensive practical experience, the "Valtes Method" can help developers and content providers to cope with modern demands and deliver quality products that are truly beneficial to users. We see this as our contribution towards the creation of a value-oriented framework that makes the ICT society a more rewarding and safe place to be.

Developing human resources to contribute to society

In the 21st century, global connectedness matters, and the borderless paradigm will come into its own. But the changing demographics of society, with lower birth rates and an aging population mean that labor resources are getting more scarce.
We aim at creating a workplace that is inspiring to the young generation, by striving for professionalism on a global scale. The Japanese work ethic characterized by traits such as tenacity, sincerity, and a quality-oriented outlook is highly suited for our field of activity. We hope to tap into this potential through training programs that foster awareness of our obligation to society.

Sharing the wealth and joy

The ICT society can save time and make life more stimulating and multi-faceted. But there are downsides, too, such as increased risks that have not been encountered in the past. To reduce inherent risks and make society safer is our mission.
We at Valtes want our customers as well as our staff to share in the joy of life. People with a sense of purpose and fun can create value, both for themselves and for others. This is what makes life worth living.
We like to think that the people working with Valtes are inspired by a dream. They have a life in which work and pleasure are interwoven, and this communicates itself to others.