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Corporate Philosophy
Committed to Quality, we contribute to the realization of a secure and safe ICT Society.

To our clients, we propose and implement efficient and optimal Testing with the use of VALTES method established based on the latest Testing Theories and our combined practical experience. To our end users, we provide support through the delivery of high-quality products. To today's ICT Society, which is drastically advancing with Technological Innovations such as AI, IoT, automated driving, Fintech and blockchain, we contribute to the realization of a secure and safe ICT Society through Testing based on our policy on the responsibility for the quality of clients' Software and proactive involvement in having high-quality objectives.

These are the missions of the VALTES group.

We foster Human Resources who will contribute to today's ICT society.

Recent globalization and the elimination of borders are further accelerating the speed of business, and business needs are changing every day. We recognize our urgent need is to develop truly world-class professionals to respond to such times.While we are marketing our unique, self-developed educational curriculum, we focus on utilizing it to train our employees. Utilizing High Quality Consciousness, we will patiently and seriously develop talented individuals who can contribute to the Society through Testing.

Human resources are the main driving force of the VALTES group.

We share joy with our clients while creating more values.

We would like to share joy with our clients as we produce ample results from our efforts to focus on the new qualities of today's ICT society. We also want the employees of the VALTES group along with their family members, and everyone involved to have and enjoy life which is enriched and worth living.

This is the solid aspirationof the VALTES group.

Guidelines for Action (Eight Measures)

  1. I will always keep my promises.
  2. I will neither cheat nor lie.
  3. I will always take on challenges and pursue new interests.
  4. I will think outside the box to generate innovation in the Industry.
  5. I will understand my strengths in my job.
  6. I will strive to overcome any challenges, believing that there is no wall I cannot climb.
  7. I will control my emotions and act calmly in accordance to the circumstance.
  8. I will stop to overthink when circumstance asks me to and accept the reality in front of me.

These actions are mainly the POWER that drives the VALTES group to become a 100-year-old company.